CocoTerug naar het overzicht

Coco has found a new home where a sociable feline friend is waiting for her.


Coco is a spayed female born 06/2014. She was adopted a couple of years ago but the adopter had to bring her back with pain in her heart because of a move to an appartment. Coco was used to going outside and really needs that; An attempt to get her used to living inside only resultedin her being constantly inconsolable staring out the window.  We consulted with the adopter and decided to take Coco back and look for a new home for her.

She has a very affectionate character and is very sweet and used to living in a group which means she gets on with other feline companions. Dogs aren't a problem as long as they don't chase her.

Coco can't live on her own, she needs a feline companion and needs to be able to go outside. A catflap is recommended as she isn't used to using a cat littertray. She is very sweet towards humans bit is a little wary to start with towards strangers. So the new candidate adopter needs to have a little patience.