Through the owner

Through the owner

In this case the animal still lives with the owner. We’ve inserted that way of working because there are much too many animals offered for accomodation in shelters.Besides that there are lots of animals that can better be placed directly to avoid unnecessary stress.Obviously this is only working when the owner can keep the animal with him for some time.

In this way we can help much more animals.

Big advantage is that the animal doesn’t have to grow accustomed to the shelter and is saved from a lot of stress.

Disadvantage is that we must rely on the information  the owner provides us.The owner  has made a signed statement about his animal in which medical situation and personality are sketched. Most of the time the information about the animal is composed by the owner. If not we use the features  the owner or temporary caretaker provides us to make a sketch of the animal. If you like to meet one of the animals in this section,please contact us. We gladly give you all information about the owner.

As there is made serious abuse of our willing cooperation in the past and it is apparently too much effort to inform us when the animal has found a new home,we ask € 20.- for administrative cost, presentation on the website and additional costs.

The adoption further developes directly between candidate-adoptant and owner without any intervention of Het Dierenthuisje.This means that in case the adoption isn’t developing as planned,the adoptant can’t appeal to us,but has to contact the owner as far as he is still responsive. Het Dierenthuisje can’t  either be hold responsable for the state of health  the animal is in. Our only interference exists of presenting the animal on our website,so it gets more chance to be adopted quick and good without the extra stress of temporary accomodation in a shelter.

If the owner and/or adoptant wants more back support,he can ask us to work out an adoption contract. In that case the adoption does fall under the conditions of Het Dierenthuisje and if there are problems the adoptant can contact us. The adoptant pays us the adoptionprice as mentioned in”How to adopt” Be sure to read that text before you contact us. So you’re already abreast of some very important information and of how we work.