Through het Dierenthuisje

In this case you adopt an animal that is sheltered at Het Dierenthuisje. It might be an abandoned, a given-up or left animal. Every animal that arrives at ours is examined by our vet. So we have an idea of its

As we are a shelter for seniors and animals with medical problems, it’s that kind of animals you ‘ll most find here for adoption. However over the last 8 years we also placed younger animals and they are always placed with an adoption contract that says that the animal is always welcome here when the owner by
circomstances can’t take care of the animal any longer,It might happen that there are occasionally young and healthy animals for adoption. An other possibility is that the animal was very ill at his arrival, but the illness was temporary. Then it might also happen that there are animals offered that aren’t really our target group.

An animal is only placed on our site for adoption when we know the character and are sure that it can remove. Sometimes there’s a date mentioned if the animal can’t remove at once because of illness,  suckling kittens,etc.

The advantage is that we can perfectly describe the personality of an adult cat,so misplacement can be avoided.This is by all means important when the candidate already has an animal at home or when there are special expectations.There might be the intention to keep the cat inside. In that case it’s very important
to know the character and the needs of a cat.

Most of our cats are used to dogs and species of the same kind by our way of accomodation.

Some animals are being found both under  “For adoption” and “Residents” They are aspected as  permanent residents,that may live here till the end of their days,but often they need more attention then we
can give.In such a case we don’t want to denie them the chance of a cosy home of their own.But above all,these are animals for animal lovers with a big heart for bunglers. When you belong to that kind of people be sure to look at the division”Residents”Because some of them are surely considered to remove as long
as you have the right attitude.

It might happen that an animal is temporary with a foster family. In that case we make an appointment for you with the volunteer in question,to make aquaintence at the site.

Further on the adoption progresses with a contract as described in “How to adopt” 

Be sure to read that part before you contact us .So you are already informed about very important details and about the way we work