MustyTerug naar het overzicht

Musty is a neutered tomcat born around 2009. This super sweet cat arrived after an emotional call from the family where he had been hanging around for some time. We were told it was about an un-neutered tomcat who had bleeding naked marks on his body and needed urgent medical help.

We had Musty neutered, he was given the necessary dental treatment, his wounds were disinfected and was given a strong anti- parasitemedication. Barely a week after arrival , Musty is much better.His wounds full of puss have disappeared. He's everybody's friend, man and animal. A supersweet cat that should not have been left in the street for such a long time!

We are looking for a new home for him, where he can be spoiled and have the possibility to go out into a garden. He gets on perfectly with felines and dogs as long as the others are not too dominant. We are hoping for a home for him where he will be accepted with his temporary baldness and where he can expect as much love back as he has to give.