05/02/2013: Thanks to the help of six volunteers and the generosity of company De Olifant, who provided a
truck with driver, we were able to transport the rafters to their temporary storage. This hard work completed our mission ‘barn move’ well within time. We would once more like to thank Rigo and Martine from Industronic from the bottom of our hearts for donating the barn to our cause, despite having a potential
buyer themselves. A big thank you also goes out to Frans from Wadico, who used his contacts and influences, resulting in the storage space offered by Isolec and transport of the big pieces with the truck from De Olifant. And off course we must not forget all those hard workers who sacrificed their weekend or
evening to help us set the first step towards our New Home.

A small movie from the last part… at least as far as the barn move is concerned:!Aqn-hytLGntARdc


03/02/2013: This morning work resumed with a lot of enthusiasm and after just one hour all the sidewalls were down. Next up were several drives to the temporary storage and finally the big rafters were moved to the street, ready to be taken away by truck on Tuesday evening. This will be the last task for this project: on Tuesday evening we will need about six volunteers to help load and unload the rafters. For more
information: helpen loods

One of our volunteers made this movie:!AoUOPyhlHN7Yc-A


02/02/2013: As early as 9am this morning a lot of enthusiastic volunteers were ready to start taking down the barn, and what a hard work it was!!! Peter returned around 19pm, exhausted but satisfied and most of all grateful for all the helping hands and the wonderful cooperation: working together towards one cause, getting a New Home for Het dierenthuisje.

Martine had made a DVD with 255 pictures taken during the work. I selected a few to give everyone an idea of the project, to show what fueled the volunteers and off course the resident four-legged friend
was not forgotten either.

Tomorrow (Sunday 03/02) part two will take place! About half of the sidewalls still need to be taken down and transported to the warehouse in Schoten where it can be stored until we find a new address to rebuild it. Those willing to help are welcome at Partizanenstraat 140 in Kapellen from 11am on.


30/01/2013: Incredibly fast service! Today the posters and flyers were already delivered at our doorstep! If you want posters to put up or flyers to distribute, please let us know. You can pick them up from us, at the
meeting next week or we will try and get them to you.

The main thing is to get them distributed as soon as possible.


29/01/2013: Today we got the great news printing house De Bie in Duffel will provide the posters and flyers in exchange for having their company logo on them. Tomorrow everything will be printed so we will be
ready to start distributing on Friday.


28/01/2013: We will have a truck available for the move thanks to De Olifant. This will offer us the advantage of not needing to cut them in half and will speed up the project. If you want to help take
down the barn on Saturday 2/2 or Sunday 3/2, please let us know. The more help, the lighter the work.


24/01/2013: The first €1000€ has been donated!

Some more good news: : we have found a place to stock the pieces of the barn, thanks to company Wadico NV.

Funds received received so far: €1.405

Het dierenthuisje would like to thank it's benefactors: