Empty ink cartridges


We were amazed when we read the letter that we received on 16ht of September 2016 shown on the right. Some intolerant person who obviously doesn't want the light shining in our animals eyes reported us to the almighty wastecompany IOK for our “ rogue practices” : collecting empty ink cartridges and iron. In the letter they also spoke of textile but that was only brought forward by a couple of volunteers a few months ago and wasn't considered benefical....

Now this has been taken away from the animals.............. it's a question of maximum € 100 per three months!!! Too crazy to destroy the dignity .. no ??

As from now we are only allowed to collect the cartridges that are processed by Recyca, a company that we have worked to our mutual benefit in the past. You can also take them to Hobobken to a company called “Janfixingthings”. Click on the advert on the right for more details. Please don't hesitate to take them in, it's all to the benefit of the animals. Send a mail to Janfixingthings@gmail.com if you want to hand in your empty cartridges.

Small ICT material we are allowed to collect for two weeks per year, so as soon as we have planned this action we will report in on the website.

If you know a company that is prepared to collect empty cartridges for processing by Recyca then the company can donate the proceeds to Het Diernthuisje. A very good initiative!