Donate for animal shelter “Het dierenthuisje” and help taking care of a hopeful future for all our animals

The Animal Shelter “Het Dierenthuisje” looks for animal-lovers/friends who can support us with a fixed
monthly financial contribution towards the costs of our New Home loan payments.
These contributions are fully independent from the godparenthood donations because those donations are absolutely necessary to fund the significant costs for animal (health) care.

Donations are already possible as from 20 euro/month.
Deposits are more than welcome on account number BE78 6528 1125 0286.
For donations of minimum 40€/year, you will receive a fiscal or tax certificate.
Together we can save “Het Dierenthuisje” and make a difference for many of our animals.

Many a little makes a mickle  
We were given a large empty bottle of Whiskey Scotch to gather small coins.
This special saving box will be placed for the first time at our Cheese Charity
evening event on February 23 , in the hall. Hopefully it will soon be very
weigthy !