Tabby cat

While looking for my own tabby, I found this tabby roaming the streets. Unfortunatly he has no chip. I try to keep him with us for a while, although not too long, hope to find the real owner in the meantime. This neutered tomcat has been seen roaming round the sandpit in Mol Donk for a while now. He doesn't seem to belong to any of the neighbours. He's around 5 yeas old , well built and seems in good health. He is very friendly and sociable so somenone must surely miss him.


This female arrived in Geel around the middle of February 2015. Who recognises this sociable cat ? please call 0476/951998.

Black-white tomcat

This black-white tomcat was found in Geel Centre. He'd been here since summer 2014 and spent the night under a garden shed. He has been chipped but not registrated so it's impossible to find the possible owner.

For the time being we couldn't make a better photo because he is still very upset. If anyone thinks he might recognise him as their cat we can checked this with the chipnumber.


Ginger castrated tomcat

On Wednesday 21st january we picked up this young adult on the Turnhoutseweg- (Ten Aard) Geel

According to the caller he had been there for 2 days.

The poor creature had been hit by something or other and had a broken thigh and hip. He will be operated on tomorrow.


Ginger was found in the centre of Geel. She was sitting without eating or drinking on the same spot all day so the finder thought she was ill. This was not the case though. According to her behaviour we are afraid she has been dumped but we hope we are wrong and that she is missed by her owner so that Ginger will be back home soon. 


Frits was found in Geel on 3 May 2014. The little animal was starving, suffering from a cold, not neutered nor chipped and his behind was completely bold due to flees. Moreover his droppings were covered by worms.