AviTerug naar het overzicht

This sweetie arrived from our colleagues at the Blue Cross Wommelgem. The poor cat was found in a really bad condition on the street and seemed to be of quite an age; he must be a 10-plus. His coat was unkept but much worse was the pain in his rear end. The vet at the Blue Cross confirmed that Avi had very bad arthiritis in his back which caused him considerable pain. A firstclass painkiller had no effect. There was also the remark about wounds on his face and a cold.

Avi was lucky in the sense that the same day the question came if we would take care of him, a volunteer was prepared to pick him up. He had been brought in at the beginning of May so we didn't want to make him wait any longer.

Once he arrived, he hid for about an hour, but after that he calmly strolled around inside and out to explore the place. A few hours later he had settled himself in the Snoezel and enjoyed a bowl of food. A sweety who gave the impression this had been his home for years.

But his medical condition is pretty bad: he hadn't been given painkillers for w while because they didn't seem to work which caused him to walk crippled and showed his pain by breathing through his mouth regularly. At first we thought this was due to his cold but soon realised it was due to the pain. We immediatly started treatment by giving him a mixture of two painkillers that weren't too bad for his organs and after about an hour this seemed to relieve him of the pain. Avi started stretching himself but stopped abruptly when he tried to stretch his back end.The fact that he even tried gave us the signal that there was some improvement.

The wounds above his eyes are probably not exactly innocent. They are typical signs of skincancer and as he has a very light coloured fur it is pretty sure that is the problem. Once upon a time we had a cat called Poeki with the same wounds above the eyes. We managed to help her for along time with an ointment called Aldara.

We will do everything in our power to give Avi a good, old age. Considering the medical costs for this senior are pretty high ( the Aldara ointment costs €147 for maximum one month treatment) we hope we may count on the help of godparents for support!