BoldieTerug naar het overzicht

Boldie is one of the group of 14 very neglected cats that arrived here end of April-May 2017. Fourteen aldults and 4 kittens. Boldie was the mother of one of these little ones. We baptised the little on Nalo.

On arrival Boldie was almost completly bald and undernourished. Her kitten , so we were told by their “carer” was found by coincidence in the cupboard. !? Motherwas very scared of people and when she had been here a few days, it was apparent that the kitten was left on it's own most of the time. Really sad to see so we decided to introduce it to the three kittens with Mama Nina.

It was love at first sight and Nina started to lick little Nalo immediately. Nalo is growing up beautifully and playful with his little companions while mama Boldie recovers.

On the right you can see a photo on her arrivel on the 30th of May and a second photo just taken on the 13th of July. Proves what good food, treatment against parasites and a hygienic surroundings can do !

Who wants to become a godparent for Boldie to support her in her new life?