NoseTerug naar het overzicht

Update 12/05/2017

Nose is back home again and walking around happily.It's quite unbelievable how this sweetie recuperates. In the meantime he has eaten a good meal. A bloodsample was taken to evaluate the condition of his kidneys; We will know more very soon.


Update 09/05/2017

We tried to postpone it as long as we could but Nose needs another operation. One side of his nose is closed en two bumps are forming on his nose. The operation will take place on Friday, couldn't be avoided.

Since the last operation in December 2016 Nose was also given Fortecor for his heart which did him good, but his nose remains a problem. We are confident that he will get through this as usual so he can walk around with a clean nos for a while longer.

If you want to support Nose's 11th operation you are welcome to contribute into our account BE78 6528 1125 0286.


update 20/12/2016

Nose is back home since this afternoon and doing well. It was time again : his little nose was cleaned up again and he had some necessary dental treatment too

. As  agreed the vet took some blood for analysis as Nose is getting very thin just lately. And ofcourse we took the opportunity to remove the klitting in his coat which otherwise he won't let us do. Result : a "new" Nose!


update 19/12/2016

We have just decided to have Nose operated on again tomorrow.We tried to postpone it aslong as possible but now we decided together with the vet not to wait any longer.

He is getting old and his heart needs to be able to cope with, and he's getting thinner by the day,  so a bloodanalysis is necessary. He's expected at the vets at 9AM tomorrow.


update 12/04/2016

For the umpteenth time Nose has recovered well from his operation and is just doing fine. It is in fact unbelievable hwo he recouperates so fast each time. At theendof the week the stitches can be removed.


update 05/04/2016

Tomorrow Nose will have another operation on his nose. This time it's the very end point of his nose that looks as if it's about to explode. Hopefully he will recover well and struggle through it as he has done before.....


update 05/04/2016

Tomorrow Nose will have another operation on his nose. This time it's the very end point of his nose that looks as if it's about to explode. Hopefully he will recover well and struggle through it as he has done before.....



Last week Nose had to undergo surgery again- read : clean up session - on his nose. A swelling had grown again which was about to burst so it was high time to act. He keeps amazing us how well he manages all this surgery.

Slowly but surely his eyes are starting to go woozy. He is after all fifteen years old, and with all the problems he's had to deal with, is it any wonder. Hopefully he can enjoy a little longer being with us.


Update 27/07/2015

Today Nose had yet another operation. The foto's show his nose before and after. Again he recovers well from the surgery. Everytime the vet is amazed how quickly he recuperates.

The cartilage inside his nose has partially been dissolved by the fungus so the vet could remove more of it this time. He wil never get rid of it all , but we keep hoping that he can remove more so it won't come back too quickly. It was now only a good two months since the last time.


Update 05/05/2015

Nose was successfully operated on today. A large swelling was removed that caused him great discomfort.


Update 20/10/2014 - 7.30 pm

Nose has just arrived home. The report of the operation has a positive and a negative side: The surgery went well and Nose is already walking around again.

The vet decided to make an Xray to see how things were developing. The bone in the nose seems to be almost completely gone. The fungus is further developing and going direction of the brain. The only thing we can do is give him medication to slow down the fungus growth but that has an impact on the liver.

Furthermore cancercells were found in the tissue that had been removed and one small tumor could not be removed.

Not the best of news but the main thing is that Nose still enjoys and has no pain. As long as this situation doesn't turn around, we will look after him with loving care.


Update 19/10/2014

Unfortunatly we have to have Nose operated on again tomorrow. For a while now we saw the swelling on his nose grow again but the vet decided to wait. With the last check up a few days ago an operation seemed imminant because of sudden worsening of the swelling. We hope he will cope yet again with the operation and feel better very soon. Fingers crossed!


Update 06/04/2013

Last night Nose returned home. We collected him around 5pm from the vet. He was till a little drowsy from the anaesthetic but awake enough to realise he was back Home. A bit wobbly he found his basket next to the radiator and dropped himself into it. Yet another adventure for this poor boy. He didn't show any intrest in food and neither this morning could we tempt him with goodies. After taking his painkiller it seemed to liven him up a bit and he started to eat. He took his medication without a problem. This evening things were looking up because he came to eat of his own accord. In the meantime Nose is running around again and enjoys our company, purring away.Within the next week the stitches will be removed and this time for a long time to come, hopefully!


Update 04/04/2013

Unfortunatly Nose has to go back to the vet at 9:30am tomorrow for another operation. It's almost a year ago now since the last operation and everything seemed to be behind us . But it was not to be....... Since a few weeks we saw a change in the shape of his nose and the last few days it got worse and now it's urgent. Lucky he is in good heath otherwise but it's not pleasant ofcourse.

The vet will yeat again send part of the removed tissue to the lab to make sure it has not become a malignant problem, but wether that will prove the future is another matter. Let's keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow.

As the problem keeps re-occuring we have decided to place Nose as a permanent resident. Hopefully he will find a godparent.......


Update 14/05/2012

Today Nose had to be operated again. For several weeks things were very normal, but suddenly we saw his nose swelling up again. During the operation it was clear that it was all fluid. Nose is now having other medication in the hope that it will be the last time.

In the meantime he is back home and recovering.


Update 08/02/2012

Nose had another operation yesterday. WIthin a few days we saw his nose swell up again and that really worried us. The ve decided to look at it surgicaly and there was a large abces under the skin. A bloodanalysis was decied on to see if there is an underlying reason that makes the problem come back. Lucky it was not as bad as when he arrived here. We wait a while now to see if Nose can be adopted.


Nose, the cat that arrived on 2nd of November 2011 with an enormous swelling on his nose has recovered and healed now and is looking for a new home.

At first we thought it was a malignant growth but after the operation and a biopsy and the removal of the tissues it turned out to be falls alarm. It was an anermous infection that after a intensive mediation cure is completly gone. Nose now has a normal nose! We are pretty sure everyting is ok now so we looking for a new home for him.

Nose is a castrated tomcat about 10 years old. He is sweet and affectionate but a little shy to start with, especially towards strangers but that soon changes when you have gained his trust then he becomes a sweet attention seeker. He would prefer to be relocated on his own because we noticed he is pretty submissive towards his own kind so that he tends to shy away from them.

He always had to live outside so he is now very happy with a warm spot inside.Anyone who wants to read his story since arrival can do so under "permanent residents" "Nose". Although he is no longer a permanent resident since his recovery we leave his story there for anyone who might be intrested.