KendyTerug naar het overzicht

24/05/2014: We have some very sad news about Kendy

We found him yesterday in a very bad condition. He was partially dehydrated and his mucuous membrances coloured very white. The days before we didn't notice anything unusual but then he wasn't a cat that looked for attention. He always ate when we weren't around. He only enjoyed the company of his own kind which we watched with pleasure when he was playing with the others.

We managed to catch him yesterday evening but by then his condition was so bad we feared for his life and that turned out to be the right feeling.

We had to let Kendy go this morning because he was very undercooled and suffering. His kidneys had failed but if that was the real reason we will never know. All we know is that during the period Kendy was with us he needed medication from a distance because his health wasn't stable. He was definetly the result of incest within the group of 45 poor creatures of which he was a part and that became fatal for him at a young age.

We are glad that we managed to give him a better life at least for the best part of a year.

We watched him play and enjoy ; that has to be our consolation that we prevented that he had to die alone and in pain, But it remains a painful goodbye to a young cat.


Kendy was part of the large group of cats that arrived here after their aged owners hobby got totaly out of hand by not having the animal sterelised. None of them had had the luxury of a warm environment, good food and medical attention. We changed all that by sheltering them in a warm environment, spoil them with good food, attention and cuddles and given them the necessary medical help they needed.

Kendy however was a special tomcat: he managed to escape and resided since then in the sluice where he came for his daily portion of food and where he took up residence in one of the small shelter houses. So he remained a free cat for eleven months. We tried to entice him to come back in several times without succes but when it got colder he started to rub himself against the gate he came into contact with the other cats inside the compound we thought we needed to stop this. We tied a piece of string onto the gate so that we could hide around the corner holding it.We did this around feeding time and when we put a few feedingbowls at the gate for the others we managed to entice him in. The gate shut behind him and finally hewas back inside!

The first few days we didn't see him but in the meantime we know where he is hiding and he seems to enjoy the warmth. Kendy is since then a permanent resident instead of a vagabond at the gate. Allthoug he doesn't want to be stroked just yet , a godparent for him would be very welcome!