PlucheTerug naar het overzicht

With great sadness we have to tell you that Pluchke has gone to her internal restingplace. We tried to give her as much time as possible to enjoy but that has sadly come to a sudden end .........a very painfull and difficult goodbey to a brave cat who showed her gratitude daily. A special star on the horizon whom we will remember for a long time with great sadness


Update 16/05/2017 :Unfortunatly the visit to the oncologist yesterday brought no enlightment. The tumor cannot be treated by an operation or chemo or anything else.

Pluche behaved perfectly and was glad to be home again. She started eating the food we prepared for her homecoming. Now we know there is no way forward we've decided to increase the amount of painkiller to make sure she is not  in pain. She certainly got worse the last couple of days: she no longer sat waiting for the birds to appear but today she seems a little better. This afternoon she ran after a far to fast winged prey. We dare not speculate when the time will come when she will need our help to stop her suffering. We are sure that Pluche will tell us when the time comes, same as she shows us she can still enjoy herself despite the uneasy problem in her mouth.

Thanks to everyone who showed concern about this sweetie!


update 13/05/2017Thank you to all who offered to bring Pluche to the oncologist on Tuesday! in the meantime we have an agreement with a willing driver. We hope the results will be positive!=========


Update 12/05/2017 : New hope for Pluche??

We are looking for help to bring Pluche to a specialist oncologist in Hasselt on Tuesday 16th of May. Who can drive her there?

Because Pluche is still very positive and still enjoys her food and enjoys her life, we find it very difficult to accept that there is no hope for her and we can't change her condition and we would have to say goodbey to her very soon because the tumor in her mouth would become too big.

Therefore we decided to ask around and eventually found a vet specialist in oncologie a pioneer in his field. He wants to excamin Pluche on Tuesdaymorning. The problem is that we can't drive ourselves because at that time of the morning we are still very busy with the morning care for our residents. Who can help? Please send us a mail


Update 25/04/2017:

First of all thanks to everyone who sympathizes with Pluche! We can report that until now she seems to do better on the painkillers and is enjoying her life. She is still making her steady walk through the garden, still sits waiting for us to pet her when we pass, still enjoys her food an her snacks and sleeps in between her carers. Hopefully we can maintain a positive note.


Pluche came to us via our colleagues at the Blue Cross because they couldn't find a way to manage her medical condition.

When she arrived there after her owner died she had several bad wounds on her back that wouldn't heal.

Pluche seemed to recovers well and soon felt at home. The wound became smaller and we were euphoric in the hope that Pluche would soon find a new home. We wished it for her so much! She is so sweet and affectionate, she really deserved it. And she was very sociable with other felines and dogs.

Unfortunately our hopes for adoption were dashed when the wound seemed to grow again. Some time later she also developed a mouthproblem and when we asked the vet to check this, we were hit by a very heavy hammer. There was a tumor growing under her tongue. In the short space of one week we saw it grow despite the medication that should have stopped it. Ultimately a biopsy was taken from a wound on her side and the tumor under her tongue and today 28/04 we were given the sad news that the tumor under her tongue was malignant. During our last visit to the vet he already made it clear that the tumor could not be removed and that it didn't look good but we hadn't expected this.

The results from her side haven't arrived yet but this has no further significance now. The tumor in her mouth is lifethreatning and will bother her more and more when drinking and eating. Pluche is very brave, she sleeps alot but uses every possible opportunity to as for attention. The slavering gets worse but what with the pain?

Today we are taking her back to the vet to look at her condition again and to consult how to handle her pain to give her as much comfort as possible.

Maybe it's just days, hopefully weeks or months...still we are appealing for anyone who wants to become her godparent to support her in these difficult times.