Rambo(1)Terug naar het overzicht

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Rambo today. 

 He came to live in Het Dierenthuisje 3.5 years ago. His health suddenly got worse.A simple cold didn't want to go away. 

Rambo had these kind of problems before when the weather changed so we started the medication we usually gave him.At first he seemed to improve but after a week he started to slaver. Strange, because all his teeth and been removed so it couldn't be connected to his teeth. Besides  this happend a year ago and he hadn't had a problem since.

The vet discovered that he had a throat infection and adapted the medication. That also seemed to work at first and the problem got worse again.

We were getting really worried now and the vet advised we give him painkillers and something to curb the infection. If that didn't help we needed to plan new tests which wasn't that easy with Rambo as he hated vets and also transportcages. Just catching him was a major event he just felt it when you planned something like that.

Rambo was slightly sedated and then it became evident that he had tumors in his throat and under his tongue that hadn't been visible a week before.It was a painful decision, we hadn't seen this coming.

 After deliberation with the vet we decided not to wake him up anymore to spare him further suffering. No medication would make this better or make him feel more comfortable.

Rambo will be no doubt a sparkling star in the sky. 

We will miss him; he was such a sweetie towards people he trusted. We are glad we were able to look after him for the last years of his life.


update 12/04/2016

it is unbelievable how Rambo blossomed after his teeth extractions. Yesterday we saw him playing with a toy mouse...........and that at this age!!


update 08/04/2016

Rambo has been having problems with his teeth on and of, every time the vet removes some of them he seemes relieved, but after a while the whole problem started again. Therefore we went for advice to dental specialist Leen Verhaert in Duffel.

It took her the best part of three hours to reliev Rambo of his problems. We were given a container with the rests that caused him to be hardly capable of eating, and no wonder!

When Rambo arrived home, he seemed very relieved and started to eat happily something he hadn't been keen on for a while. He will be given painkilling medication for a week after the extensive operation and we hope that this senior will be able to enjoy a painfree mouth for a long time to come.

The operation cost :499,30 EURO. On top of all the other costs that have been piling up just lately this is again a serious amount of money. Every gift to support us for these expensive medical costs is very welcome. Gifst as from 40REURO are deductable from you taxbill. our account number is : BE78 6528 1125 0286

You can also support Rambo by becoming his godparent; he would be very grateful.!

Rambo's teeth needed attention.

Last Sunday Rambo's teeth were urgently in need of attention.

We had heard the occasional yelp before but every time we tried to check him out or the vet was around he managed to hide. Finally on Sunday we managed to catch him and had a real fright when we saw the condition of his teeth. Another cat would since long have stopped eating but Rambo caaried on as usual apart from the odd quiet  miauw now and again.

He certainly did't steal his name!

Luckily the vet agreed to see us immediatly on Sunday. Everything went according to plan and Rambo was running around as usual by nighttime.

Antibiotics for a short while and Rambo wil be his old self again soon.