17/07/2017: Shanty and Avi feeling better after acupuncture!

On the XRAY it was clear that Shanty's tail must have been pulled very hard at some time which caused paralasys of a small part of her intestine. It caused bad constipation.

Because regular medication had no effect nor the oil mixed in the food and other trics were not sufficient , we sought advise from a specialist acupunctarist and with succes!

Shanty has been twice now for threatment and has been able to do the business without any other medication. So we need to follow up the treatment.

Avi also who is in a lot of pain because of advanced arthiritis in her back feels better because of the treatment.

Wednesday 26th of July we are expected again at 2.30 pm in Kontich at the vets. Who can drive them there?? Can anyone help please?? Mail us at

04/07/2017: Korby releaved of his painful eye !

Update 06/07/2017 : Korby arrived back home last night in great condition, he sprinted away aftter we opened the transportcage. The sweet cuddly bear took time out for himself for a while after a great adventure.

We are so please for him now his eye has stopped weeping. The stitches will disintegrate by themselves so we don't need to upset him again if everything goes to plan.... and that ofcourse we hope for. Knowing what he went through before he came here, this is peanuts !

We didn't manage to take a picture of him until now when he came to look for us. His loss of faith in us was happily shortlived. We are happy to share the results of the operation!

Thanks to the sweetsale by some of our volunteers we raised €95. You can still order packets of sweets. And of course every gift is welcome or you can still order waffels via our action.

There are so many animals who need urgent medical care that every euro is of great importance.


Korby the sweet longhaired tomcat that arrived in March 2016 with 44 other neglected cats came along to the oculist because one eye kept bothering him. The verdict was “Entropion”, ingrowing lashes that stuck in his eye.

An operation was planned and and tomorrow, Wednesday 5th of July it will be carried out. Korby will be operated on at 2.30 pm and will at last be relieved of his pain.

The cost of the operation was €185, aftercare and medication estimated at € 35.

Els and Ellen are selling bags of sweets via their FB page to cover the cost the pasge : “Het Dierenthuisje verkoopt”.

If anyone want to support this sweetie with a gift, every euro is welcome in our bankaccount BE78 6528 1125 0286/ Gift can be deducted from your taxbill as from €40.

But Korby would also be happy with a godparent ofcourse!


21/06/2017: No more apples !

Since three years now we have been buying three crates of apples from a fruit grower in Geel. We bought cheap second choice apples for the pigs at €5 p/crate. Unfortunately he let us know yesterday that there will be no more apples for an undifined period.

This is adisaster for our pigs who wait impatiently for their apples very day. In the mornings they are fed on dry food but in the evening they get apples which makes sure that they maintain good health and weight.

We urgently looking for an alternative adres where we can buy second choice fruit at a reasonable price. Apart from apples they also like pears, apricots, nectarines, pineapples ...etc Who can help ???


27/01/2017: eleven neglected Selkirk Rex

Update 27/01/2017

Dear "Selkirk Rex-friends" and or animallovers

The volunteer who takes care of our Facebook page told us there were many reactions and offers for temporary care of these animals and even for adoption. Also via mail we received a lot of questions.

However well  meant there is no possiblility of this at the moment. The animals were confiscated and need to be examined by the vet and given the necessary medical attention. Also the need to clean up their  curly coats has to be done first. It speaks for itself that we respect the rules .

They are kept company during a few hours every day so they can settle and become less frightnend, and they also need rest

.As soon as the cats or some of them are ready for adoption, you will be able to find them on our website under "for adoption". We cannot make reservations and we need to remain fair and not allow exceptions.

Just as happened before when there were special breed cats in our care, we are being inundated with adoption requests. It makes us very sad that unconditional animalfriends, find it in their hearts to adopt these animals, even if they had unknown medical problems, scabies or even very bad URI, ignoring the possiblility of infection for other pets, while an "ordinary "cat doesn't have a chance even if it only as much as a slight cough of a running eye.Now we are not saying that every reaction has only to do with the fact that this is about a special breed. Lucky some of the reaction are genuinely to help. We really appreciate this but at the moment they need to stay in Het Dierenthuisje. Thank you for your understanding and intrest!


This morning we got an urgent call to help in connection with the confication of about thirty cats in the Scherpenheuvel  area. We had to act swiftly because the cats had to be removed within a few hours.

Luckily we found two volunteers prepared to go there immediately . The moment we arrived 22 animals had already been collected by two colleague shelters. So we were last. At first we only found three. At first it was thought that these  were the last animals left but then we discoverd eight more in a very small room where we could catch the poor frightnend cats. So in total 33 animals whereof 11 will stay with us. All of them are pedigree Selkirk Rex cats.

They are squashed on top of each other against the wall : so sad to see. Their fur is filthy, eyes closed with dirt, ears black etc. High time for this confiscation.

Monday the vet will come along to examine them all. In the meantime we do everything we can to take care of them and try to make them confortable in the hope they will blossom soon. Because of our shelter being so full and therefore a shortage of time we are looking for people who want to keep these animals company so they can settle better and calm down. Therefore we are looking for quiet people with some knowledge of coping with scared cats.

Also for a group of young rabbits about 7 weeks old and also for a cat that has been accomodated separatly because she is to frightnend to go into the group, we are looking for "company" so we can help them to become sociable faster.

If you think you can help, please mail to

All support for these animals is welcome : BE78 6528 1125 0286


As  from 13th od December Het dierenthuisje cannot be reached any more on the Mobile number.


We can be reached  by phone on

Monday - Tuesday from 9 am until 1 pm

Wednesday from 6 pm until 8 pmFriday - Saturday from 9 am until 12 midday

Thursday, Sunday and public holidays we cannot be reached by telephone.

Please take into account that the care of the animals always takes priority and that all the work is carried out on voluntary basis. If you should get voicemail during these hours we ask you explicit not to leave a message but to try again later.

You can visit Het Dierenthuisje exclusively by appointment.

You can also send us a mail : . We try to answer our mails within the week if an answer is required.