Particular stories

26/06/2017: Waterfun for the pigs

This is what all pigs should be able to do :

26/06/2017: A kitten with a guardian angel!

26/06/2017 : Shuki is home !

Update 27/06 – 8.30pm:

Around 6 pm we collected our brave young lady at the vets. We called her “Shuki”, it means “loved” in Japanese.

She immediatly started running round and asking for attention. She dabbed with her feet; everything is still sore around her back end and naturally it's is still a very bad wound. The onset of her tail is looking better.

Now its a question of healing. We are very aware of keeping flies away from her although she seems to know very well what's good for her. She must have a very special guardian angel, on the other hand she has to thank herself for being so smart.

Thansk to everyone who helped to find a name for her. There were a lot of brilliant names that we will sure to save. Also thanks to everyone who wants to support her medical care.!


Update 26/06- 9 pm : The vet let us know that is was necessary to amputate the tail. There was some feeling left in a very small part of the tail but the skin was too damaged to be able to stitch it together. Even now it's crucial that the stitched hold because the fur is so damaged. The nails are badly damaged which makes us think that she must have been trapped somewhere, like a snare for instance, Her backend also is just raw. It's a wonder she could still to her business. The little one is now coming round from her anaesthetic and operation and needs to stay overnight at the vets.

We hope she will eat and drink normally tomorrow so she can come home . By the time we collect her we want to greet her with a name and we need your help with this. So its a girl! Can you think of an appropriate name? , let us know by mail:

Godparents ?! Who wants to support this little one financially and morally please !?


Yesterday, Sunday 25th of June a kitten was brought in. The people who brought her had heard her miauwing loudly in the street.

The skin had been ripped of it's tail and just above and around the anus was a deep wound so we could not define its sex. Lucky there we no flies present as yet and he let us take care of the wound despite the fact that it must have been in great pain; We took care that the kitten was protected against infection and gave her something for the pain.

Mama Nina was given another dumped little one this afternoon and took her immediatly under her wing (so to speak). That brings the total of seven little ones in her care now. Knowing that she started out with three kittens of her own she deserves a statue! Luckily most of them now eat independantly and she doesn't need to suckle them but her role as a good mother is worth its weight in gold and saved many young lives!

Today however we need to take the next step for this little one. The tail is paralysed and looking at the condition of it seems best to have in amputated. As our own vet is doing voluntary work in Tanzania at the moment and her loco is unfamiliar with the amputation of tails we need to get in contact with another vet who previously helped us when Turner needed urgent care during a weekend.

We can take the little one at 1;30pm and will have more news after that.

Naturaly the idea is for this sweetie, who despite its misery comes and sits on your lap and asks lots of attention, to find a home for her but now we hope in the first instance that godparents will want to support her with her operation and aftercare. Every euro is welcome!

19/04/2017: A pigs party !

A pigs party !!

We received a donation of a few crates of grapes no longer fit for human consumption. What a feast!!! they are reallly mad about grapes.

Ozy didn't even give us the time to tip over the crates.

Thank you for the kind donation!!

If you have a regular supply of foodrests(vegetables/ fruit) please let us know. You woud be doing our animals a great service. Even is you live some distance away, maybe it's possible that one of our volunteers can collect it.

31/12/2016: Tips needed for a motherless baby goat


Little goat Olaf has little brother to keep him company

The little goat that arrived on New Years eve after his mother died, has been given the name "Olaf". But not only that! He got himself a little friend "Igor". This little fellow arrived too early so his mother couldn't give him any milk. The breeder had fed the little one for  weeks with a bottle, but now everyone went back to work they couldn't take care of him properly any more

.Igor may be a month older, but he is only as big af Olaf. It's agreat relief to see how those two enjoy each other company. They live together in the feeding barn that is now heated. Every three days we go to the farm to fetch fresh goatsmilk for them. We have just found out that it is possible to freeze the milk so that will reduce the time we lose fetching it.

At the moment our first worry is to raise them in good health and then we will have to consider wether to keep the as residents or look for a new home for them. From our experience we know that dwarfgoats and pigs are not ideal combination, just think about Sissi and Flippo for those who have been following our site .

But that's a worry for later.

We hope that Olaf and Igor will be lucky enough to get the support from a godparent.

Today we received the request to take care of a motherless baby goat . Her mother died last night and now she is being rejected by the other goats. A supply of goats milk has been taken care of.

If anyone has experience of raising a baby goat of this age, all tips are welcome! We have never had this question before. If anyone has time to spare and feels they would like to raise this baby goats, please call us. We already have a lot of work, and very little help this time of the year.

Tips and other help are welcome so please mail us

And a festive years end for everyone ! Remember to bring your animals inside before the fireworks start !!!!! We know how we are going to celebrate : with the babybottle in our hand !

Happy New Year !!!!

29/12/2016: Barbary duck needs company

Duck Dori came together with her sister Dotti  to live here after her owners had to move to an appartment.

In the meantime they had been living in Het Dierenthuisje for the last two years. Unfortunately Dotti died this week of old age. She had been suffering from arthiritis for a while now which made it difficult for her to walk.

Dori is very sad now as she is all by herself now in the meadow. That is why we are looking for company for her. Does anyone know of a Barbary duck that needs a home, please let us know. Preferebly a female as she wouldn't be able to cope with the activities of a young male.