04/12/2016: Cosy Christmas party

Saturday 3rd of December we had our yearly Christmas party for the benefit of the animals that reside in Het Dierenthuisje.

As usual we did this in pleasant surroundings with a vegetarian Buffet.

Special guest that evening was Pitou. We thought he might enjoy it but never thought it would turn out to be such a special evening for him. This morning he watched us closely as we got everything ready. As the day went on, more and more people arrived, and our loyal fourfooted friend was over the moon. In the meantime he had realised that the best place to be was under the christmastree at the entrance of the hall where he got everyones attention as they came in.

Walking had become difficult for him so Pitou deployed his best tric by swaying with his tail thereby sweeping the floor with a lot of noise to attract attention then put on his sweetest snout : succes guaranteed!

As from six o'clock he became madly enthousiastic when the hall started filling up with people who greeted him at this idylic place. The thanked everyone in name of all the residents that stayed in Geel for all the presents that people brought en ofcourse he couldn't resist having a tast now and then of all those goodies.... or was it because no one could resist that begging snout.

Santa Claus didn't forget us either, he had delivered two large baskets full of goodies earlier in the day, a goodie bag for every animals friend present with a card that gave everyone a chance to win a nice price with the attendance raffle.

Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers everyone could enjoy a tasty peasoup, stew, meatballs in tomatosauce, fresh pancakes and so much more. All vegetarian ofcourse! It was so tasty that quite a few people asked if it was truly vegetarian..... Yes of course! We had vegetarian "tunasalad" and "chickenstew" that no one could distinguish from fish or meat.The volunteers also worked very hard to make wonderful Christmaspresents to be sold for the benefit of the animals. They drew everyones attention and were admired all round.

No doubt a succesfull evening in a peacefull Christmas atmosphere!

Thanks to all those present and to all the volunteers for making sure that it wa a heartwarming evening

.ps; Pitou is completely flaked out today......... tired but having great afterthoughts!

04/07/2016: 2nd Fanday Stop cruelty to animals

On Sunday the 3rd of July Het Dierenthuisje was present on the second fanday of Stop cruelty to animals in Deurne.

We  worried a little about the weather but we had a word with our little stars in the sky and undoubtly so did the other organisations too because together our protégés delivered a brilliant day ........

The atmoshpere was pleasant : animallovers all  working towards the same end. A clear message that the stop to animal cruelty needs to be addressed urgently.

Our thanks to all those present, and the volunteers who sacrificed their sunday and of course the organizers of Stop cruelty to animals  for all the work and the possiblity for us to be there. Next year we would surely like to be present again for the third fanday on sunday 2nd of July 2017.

21/06/2016: Collection Intratuin Aarschot

Today were guests in the beautiful surroundings of the Intratuin Aarschot.

Our residents all crossed their toes again hoping to have their feedingbowls filled with their favourite food.

But that the customers would spoil them so much they could never have dreamed of.

They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw all the collected food arriving.

Thank you very much to all the customers with a heart for animals and the friendly and helpfull staff and also the volunteers for their efforts.

14/06/2016: Collection Intra Tuin Olen great succes

On Sunday 12th of June we were allowed to put up our banners in the fantastic Intratuin Olen. Our residents crossed their "paws" secretly and hoped we would come back with lots of goodies. And they were lucky! That there were many people amongst the customers with a big  heart for animals was visible as we drove home at night with a full car. We were welcomed with loud purring, barking and snorting!Thank you to all those generous clients. Thanks to Mrs Van Gestel and personel for their hospitality. Thank you volunteers for your efforts.

04/06/2016: Pop up market great succes

Today 4th of June Het Dierenthuisje was a guest at the Pop up Market in Ranst-Zevenbergen where only handmade items were for sale.Many volunteers had been busy making beautiful original items, as much for the cats, dogs as for their owners. We kept our fingers crossed for the weather but it turned out well. Just about the time came to pack things up the sky turned grey.The cosy blankets were a huge succes as well as the cattoys, beautiful soft toys and jewelery. Many people knew about het Dierenthuisje and came to tell us how well their fourlegged friends were doing. Other got to know us for the first time and took information about our work home with them.In short a good day for our residents. Therefore from all of us a big hug for the organizers  of the market, and the volunteers who offered their free time to make this a succesfull day and of course our thanks to all the visitors. And............ thanks to our little stars up there to keep it dry day!You couldn't come by, then please look at this page. There you will find all original items that you can order on line.