Special action

06/06/2017: Sweet sale to the benefit of our residents

To be able to cope with the high medical costs of the large group of residents and the needs of the newcomers we are appealing for your help.

Buy some sweets or wafels and encourage your friends, family, collegues.... to follow your excample.

For more information click on the form on the right.

All orders will arrive before 16th of June and can be collected during the weekend of 24th of June as mentioned on the orderform.

If you want to help sell, please print the flyers on the right or mail is so we can send you the neccessary flyers.

A big thank you and hug from our residents !

28/04/2017: 09/05/2017: In the meantime 12 adults and 4 kittens, instead of 10 neglected cats and 3 kittens have arrived

Update 30/05/2017:

Today the last cat arrived finally from the same address with her kitten. It's about the cat that has lost all it's fur coat that we wanted to take into care from the first day because she needed urgent medical help. We were told she couldn't be caught ,but since then we realised that the lady kept her purposely until the last day before she had to hand over the key. We gave her a transportbasket weeks ago to help her and warned her that the longer she waited the more chance there was that the kitten wouldn't survive because of the onslaught of flees, lice and worms. But our words were ignored.

The result is now a very frightnend mother cat who will hopefully not abandon her kitten, because now it is too late to hope that Nina will still accept it as her own. Mother cat and kitten were immediatly treated against the parasites.


Two of the cats were partly shaven to remove the tangled hair from their fur.Some of them will need dental treatment because they have rotten teeth and plaque and one female has a serious retina damage because an infection that was neglected.

For the moment they are recovering from the sudden change in their lives. One of the cats that arrived last week, Cisse, is still very poorly and can't be neutered just yet. The oldie, Pussy, is feeling better and went into the garden to explore and settled herself in the sunshine. We will have an echo taken soon to make sure she is not pregnant.We hope that she is not because having kittens at her age would probably kill her but sterelizing is not a good idea either.

Nona, the little black female that was spayed last week is doing fine and is waiting for a new home. She needs to put on weight ofcourse and her fur needs to grow back but that will happen soon now she has received the necessary care.

Nina is looking after her three kittens well who's eyes have openend in the meantime. Josefien will be spayed on of these days soon because she was too ill last week but is looking much better now and also Joppe, the large tomcat is settling down

Update 09/05/2017: Last night three more cats arrived from the same address, and this morning another two. The were taken to the vet this morning for the necessarry medical care and spaying/neutering. The were also covered, just like the others, in flees, lice, earmite. The ver couldn't believe what she saw, one of them had such a large lump in its ear that she thought it was a strange object but it turned out to be a hard lump of waw due to the earmites. The three females that were spayed this morning were all expecting. Lucky at an early stage so we could prevent another ten poor creatures being born that yet again enlarge the group.

Update 2/05/2017: the six adult cats that arrived on Saturday have received the necessary first aid. Four of them had, on top of flees, also lice,earmite and lunginfections. We are working onall of these problems as quick as possible so free them from all these problems. The three kittens who are now 4 days old are doing well thanks to their Mum who takes great care of them.

We are now still awaiting the four other cats from the same address for whom we already delivered transportcages. Hopefully we can welcome them here very soon.

Look for yourself how these poor cats are now enjoying their new life.


Saturday 28/04/2017

We received an emotional call from a lady who needed to move and was looking for a solution for her 10 cats. The animals were over 10 years old, so we were told. None of them were spayed or nutered , and according to the lady they were now too old to have this done.There hadn't been any kittens lately....... After many phonecalls to other shelters without result she contacted us. With empathy I suggested I would go and look at the situation as soon as I could to evaluate the situation and advise her of the possible solutions.It was not an option at the moment to take care of 10 animals all at once at the moment and she understood that, she said there was time until the end of May.

Something told me that it would be best to go and take a look as soon as I had time to get out, so I went to see her on the 29th of April in the morning. Nothing could have prepared me with what I saw. We have been to many places where the situation exceeds all expectations, but this I had never expected. Entering the house the stench of excrements took my breath away. First in my sight was a small black kitten who's skin was visible : FLEES! Then the woman pointed to a bow on the kitchentop and said :” see this is how it goes” I saw a very small cat and wondered what she meant: what? Is she sick ? The answer took my breath away: “no look under her “ , what? Not kittens surely! “Yes, yes, 3 of them”, But she is no older than six months I said, “ no, no was the answer she is 3 years old”.