Stories of our adopters

17/04/2017: Angel felt at home straight away

Hey Sonja,

Angel is doing really well!! After a long miauw concert in the car she made an exploritary tour of the appartment, found a good hiding place and stayed there for an hour! As soon as she heardme putting food in her bowl she appeared very quickly. Since then she found her own spot on the loung chair and fell aspleep next to my husband. Every now and again she tries to steal my daughters food, or tries to nestle herself in my jasminplant , but realises very fast that this isn't allowed.! She sounds like a motor turning over gently ;;;; We are very happy with Angle and hopefully she's as happy with us!! Here is the first photo.


Julie, Nour & Mo

01/04/2017: Fleure feeling right at home

Hello everyone,

Fleur is feeling right at home. Whe is avery sweet lady. Very sociable and prefers to  lay in your arms all day sleeping. She gets on really well with the girls. Lets them pick her up and pet her, although they sometimes are a little too enthousiastic. She finds it all oke. Sometimes she is very playfull. She sometimes brings you her toy, puts in on your lap and looks at you like a dog : come on play with me!!  With the dog there is occasionally a confrontation but that is all for show.... I'm confident it will all work out well in the end.

Regards from Marjolein and family

21/03/2017: News from Dolfke


Malo(Dolfke) is starting to feel at home now, he plays with everything that isn't fastnend down.

 I think he is repeating his youth.  In the garden he is always prepared to help. 


Dolf Coertjens

21/03/2017: Inaya ejoying all the attention


Inaya is settling down well. She enjoys the  petting and comes to sit on our lap.

 When we are out she sleeps in her basket. And when we arrive home she is very enthousiastic. She comes to say hello right away and wants to be petted. In the morning and in the evening she has wet food and during the day she eats dry food. She doesn't eat a lot but regularly. She knows where the cat litter tray is and the scratchingpole. We think that is amazing.

She has a bit of a cough and a hoarse throat, but it all seems to be getting better. If it should get any worse we'll make a visit to the vet. 

Many regards 

Kimberley and Kristof

04/03/2017: Zora

Hello everyone

,My name is Zora and I have been living with my new staff for 2 weeks now. The first few days I was a little overwrought by my new home and three new sisters.

That's why I spent the first few days under and behind the wardrobe. There I felt safe. I only appeared to eat and to make a visit to the cat littertray . My new staff gave me time to find my place. My new sisters also left me in peace. So I could get used to my new home on my own.

In the meantime I have stopped hiding under the wardrobe and found my place on the settee. I like being petted, I really enjoy that. I also have a new friend now; Chandra .

I can feel it, I'm in paradise here !

Sonja and Peter, Thank you for this new opportunity.